A Prayer for the Church (in its UCCan form!)

Blessings and honour and glory are yours,
God Most Holy!
For wonders past, for dreams to come,
and for this moment – ALLELUIA!
For our Grandmothers and Grandfathers
who believed that, in Christ, ut omnes unim sint;
for our Mothers and Fathers,
who built upon that dream;
for this ministry to which you have called each of us;
as disciples of Christ Jesus;
and for the faith that our children and grandchildren and on and on
live with every breath –
And for this United Church of Canada,
part of the body catholic,
with its frustrations and its joys,
with its gains and its losses,
with its hopes and its heresies…
all that was, all that is,
all that might be –
Guide us, we pray,
every voice, every thought,
that we might be
who you want us to be.
all ways.
In Christ’s name.

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