For Proper 35: Leviticus 19.1-2,15-18; Matthew 22.34-46

And following a tragedy.

Call to Gather
One: In a world that cries out, “Fear me!”
All: We will listen to Jesus’ words,
“Don’t be afraid!”

One: In a world that wants us to hate the other…
All: We will live Jesus’ call to,
“Love God. Love your neighbour, as you love yourself.”

One: In a world that radicalizes…
All: We, too, will be radical.
Radical with our hospitality.
Radical with our hope.
Radical with our love.

One: Then come to this place,
ready to be who we are called to be.
All Let us gather together
and worship God.

Opening Prayer
All: Creator-of-all,
again we have faced a week of loss,
a time of confusion,
of sadness.
We ask you to bless our tears,
and the tears of our neighbours –
of every faith and worldview,
of every place and time.
Let these tears become a healing ointment.
Let these tears become signs of your grace.
In Jesus’ name we ask it. Amen.

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