Pentecost 8 – Year B – 2 Samuel 7.1-14

O: The Ark of the Covenant
went with God’s people,
every step of the way.
A: A symbol of God’s Presence.
A symbol of God’s Freedom.
A symbol of God’s Promise.

O: The Ark of the Covenant
lived in a tent.
A: Ready to move.
Ready to travel.
Ready to lead the way.

O: King David wanted to build a house for the Ark.
A monument.
A place of permanence and solidity,
of cedar and stone.
A: And God said, “No.
That’s not your job.”

O: And David listened.
As we sit in this house,
this monument to Christ’s Presence,
built of cedar and stone,
we need to ask ourselves – and God –
what is our job?
A: To worship God.
To educate and serve in Christ’s name.
To be Christ’s disciples
and share God’s love,
every day of our lives!

O: Alleluia!
A: Alleluia! Amen!

Opening Prayer:
A: With all of our hopes,
with all of our dreams,
with all of our lives,
we celebrate your Presence,
God of all creation.
In this time and place,
touch our lives in ways
that help us to understand
what is ours to do,
and what is yours to do.
That we might be Christ’s disciples,
living out of Christ’s love.
In his name we ask it.
May it be so.

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