For Transfiguration Sunday – Mark 9.2-9

(This was the beginning of an eight week series on discipleship. This Sunday was focused on “Uplifted through conversation with God.”)

Call to Gather:
One: God touches the world,
All: and the world changes.
One: God touches us,
All: and we are transformed.
One: In the brightest of day,
All: in the deepest of night,
One: on mountain,
All: in valley,
One: everywhere.
All: In this time, together,
we invite God
to open our eyes
to the transformation
of our lives.

One: And through the change –
All: we worship God.

Opening Prayer:
In the rush of the wind,
in the laugh of a child,
in the beat of our hearts,
speak to us, God.
In the purr of a kitten,
in the lap of the waves,
in the warmth of our hands,
speak to us, Christ.
In the cry of the moment,
in the dance of our feet,
in the crackle of the flame,
speak to us, Holy Spirit.
We are listening.

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