Christmas Candle Lighting

Call to Gather/Christmas Candle:
One: Wait. Watch. Wonder. Waken.
All: This is the coming of our Christ!
One: Wait. Watch. Wonder. Waken.
All: This is the moment of our God!
One: And, now, we celebrate!
All: And, now, we celebrate!
One: But what are we celebrating?
Is it just the birth of a child?
Is it just the something that happened
2000 years ago?
Is it just an old, old story?
Or is it more?
Are we celebrating
the birth in our lives,
the messengers of God,
the people who do the jobs
no others are willing to do,
the mother who hopes against hope,
the father who watches and wonders?
Are we celebrating Christ now?
Are we celebrating Emmanuel –
All: We are!
One: Where are the people who are celebrating!?
All: Here!
One: What are you celebrating?
All: A baby.
A child.
The Christ.

One: When will you celebrate?
All: Now.
Every day of our lives!

One: How will you celebrate?
All: Living hope.
Living love.
Living these things
with neighbour and stranger.

One: With God?
All: With God’s love, filling our lives!
One: Alleluia.
All: Alleluia!

Candle Lighting Hymn: “O Come, O Come Emmanuel”

Opening Prayer:
All: With Christmas joy,
alive in our lives,
we come to you, O God!
Wondering at the stars,
listening to the angels,
trembling with the shepherds,
knowing that you are with us!
Knowing that you are with the world!

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