Advent Candle Lighting – Advent 4 – Luke 1:26-38

Call to Gather/Advent Candles:
One: Wait. Watch. Wonder. Waken.
All: This is the Advent of our Christ!
One: Wait. Watch. Wonder. Waken.
All: This is the Advent of our God!
One: And, now, we waken!
All: And, now, we waken!
One: Because we can’t only wait.
We can’t only watch.
We can’t only wonder.
We are called to be.
To be in the world and of the world
and with the world.
To be God’s people –
awake to God’s grace!
Just like Mary.
She chose,
in the face of oppression,
in the face of consequence,
to say, “YES!”
To God.
To Christ.
To miracle.
To life and life abundant.
Where are the people who are awakening!?
All: Here!
One: To what are you waking?
All: A baby.
A child.
The Christ.

One: When will you wake?
All: In 13 (6) days.
In nine months.
Right now.

One: How will you waken?
All: With hope.
With love.
With each other.

One: With God?
All: With God’s love, filling our lives!
One: Alleluia.
All: Alleluia!

Candle Lighting song: “Come Let us Walk” Music: Bruce Harding (c) 2010. (see )

Opening Prayer:
All: We want to say, “Yes,” God!
We want to say yes to Christ.
We want to say yes to life.
We want to say yes
to hope and wonder and joy.
Help us, we pray,
to stand against fear,
to stand against injustice,
to stand against everything
that tries to hide the world
from your love.
Help us to wake up
to you.
This morning.
Every morning.

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