Advent 3 – Advent Candle Lighting – Luke 1:39-55 – “Wonder”

Call to Gather/Advent Candles:
One: Wait. Watch. Wonder. Waken.
All: This is the Advent of our Christ!
One: Wait. Watch. Wonder. Waken.
All: This is the Advent of our God!
One: And so we wonder.
All: And so we wonder.
One: We wonder where mystery has gone.
We wonder where miracle is hidden.
We wonder if we still have the ability to wonder.
To hope.
To dream.
We wonder if the song of a woman
born to poverty and powerlessness,
but carrying in her body and arms
One who would change the world,
could be true.
Where are the people who wonder?
All: Here.
One: What are you wondering on?
All: A baby.
A child.
The Christ.

One: How long will you wonder?
All: 20 days.
Nine months.
All our lives.

One: How will you wonder?
All: With hope.
With love.
With each other.

One: With God?
All: With God’s love, filling our lives!
One: Alleluia.
All: Alleluia!

Candle Lighting song: “Come Let us Walk” Music: Bruce Harding (c) 2010. Words: Isaiah 2:5

Opening Prayer:
All: Turn us, God.
Turn us around
to see the wonder
of your Presence.
In each other,
in neighbour,
in the stranger.
Turn us, God.
Turn us around.
Turn us upside down.
As we wait.
As we watch.
As we wonder.
Make us new,
in your Love.
In Christ’s name we ask it!
May it be so!

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