Advent Candle Lighting – Week 2 – Mark 1:1-8

Call to Gather/Advent Candles:
One: Wait. Watch. Wonder. Waken.
All: This is the Advent of our Christ!
One: Wait. Watch. Wonder. Waken.
All: This is the Advent of our God!
One: And so we watch
All: And so we watch.
One: We watch a world that speaks without listening.
We watch a world that seems filled with despair.
We watch a world that seeks for something.
We watch a world in which we live,
and act, and have our being.
Is that all we see?
All: We see a world in which God moves.
We see a world embracing love.
We see a world dancing with the Spirit.
We see a world opening its eyes.

One: What are you looking for?
All: A baby.
A child.
The Christ.

One: How long will you watch?
All: 28 days.
Nine months.
All our lives.

One: How will your eyes see?
All: Through hope.
Through love.
Through each other.

One: With God?
All: With God’s love, filling our lives!
One: Alleluia.
All: Alleluia!

Candle Lighting song: “Come Let us Walk” Music: Bruce Harding (c) 2010.

Opening Prayer:
All: You’ve sent prophets, God.
You’ve sent grandmothers and grandfathers.
You’ve sent teachers and leaders.
You’ve sent people to speak love.
You’ve sent us.
Help us to watch.
Help us to see.
Help us to understand.
Help us to feel.
Help us to know,
in the birth of a child,
in the wisdom of a teen,
in the laughter of an elder,
that you are with your world.
Help us, O God!

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