Proper 24 – Matthew 22.15-22

1: What’s mine is mine.
2: What’s mine is mine.
1&2: And we don’t have to share.
All: Wait a moment!
1: What’s mine is MINE.
2: What’s MINE is MINE.
1&2: And we DON’T HAVE TO SHARE!
All: But it’s not!
1&2: Of course it is!
All: No, it’s not.
What’s mine is God’s.
What’s yours is God’s.
Of course we have to share!

1: What’s mine is God’s?
2: What’s mine is God’s?
All: Yes.
Everything is God’s.
Everyone is God’s.
We are simply given responsibility
to be responsible with it.
With them.
With everything.

1: We don’t always do a good job, do we?
2: We don’t often do a good job, do we?
All: Which is why we’re here.
To remind ourselves
of our relationships with each other,
of our relationships with everything,
of our relationship with God.

1: Then let’s gather.
2: Then let’s worship.
All: Then let’s be Christ’s people
here and everywhere!

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