Matthew 15.21-28

One: For the times we turn away,
forgive us, Creator.
All: Forgive us, Creator.
One: For the times we believe
that only people like us
can teach us,
forgive us, Christ.
All: Forgive us, Christ.
One: For the times we hoard our love,
keeping it locked up and hidden;
for the times we try to hoard Your love,
working to keep it just for us –
for people who look like us,
or believe what we believe –
forgive us, Holy Spirit.
All: Forgive us, Holy Spirit.
One: Forgive us, God –
and in that forgiving,
help us to be whole –
the people you’ve created us to be.
(A time for silent prayer.)
People of Christ – remember,
there is nothing that can separate
creation from God’s love!
We are forgiven!

Assurance of Pardon: Romans 8.38-39 sung – Marty Haugen

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