Ninth Sunday of Pentecost – Ephesians 4.1-16

Call to Gather:
One: Mom! He took my toy!
All: Listen – it’s time to grow up.
One: Dad! She’s sitting on my side of the car!
All: Listen! It’s time to grow up!
One: God… they won’t believe what I believe.
What they’re saying is not what I was taught
in Sunday School.
They are wrong, and I am right.
All: Grow up!
One: I don’t understand!
All: When you were very young,
you were sure that the world revolved
around you.

One: But now?
All: Now, you need to see
that you are part of God’s creation –
not the centre of it!
you really need to list
to what God is saying now.
Worship God with us,
rather than against us!

One: It’s time to grow up?
All: It’s time to grow up.

Opening Prayer:
All: Open our hearts, God.
Open our ears and our minds and our lives.
Open our ideas and our beliefs.
Open our hopes and our fears.
Open us to your Presence.
Open us to your Love.
Open us to your Christ.
So that we might be changed.
So that your creation might be changed.
Now, and in the days to come.
In Jesus’ name, we ask these things.

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