John 1.9-24

Call to Gather:
One: What are you looking for?
All: A place to stop and be.
A place to be with others.
A place to be with God.

One: Why do you search for this place?
All: Because the world is always changing.
Because often, we’re alone.
Because sometimes,
it’s hard to remember.

One: Remember what?
All: That God is with us.
That the Christ walks beside us.
That the Spirit lives inside us.

One: Well, come to this place.
Come and be.
Come and be with others.
Come and be with God.
All: Alleluia!

Opening Prayer:
All: Holy God,
could you help us?
Could you help us,
to know, deep inside,
that we are loved?
Could you help us
to love one another,
our family, our friends,
the people we will never know,
and the ones we can’t stand?
Could you help us
to be all that you desire us to be?
Because we could really use the help.

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