For worship that includes the Annual Congregational Meeting

Call to Gather
One: We come together –
All: in Jesus name.
One: We come together –
All: in the love of God.
One: We come together –
All: alive in the Spirit.
One: We come together –
All: To remember.
To celebrate.
To live into God’s vision
for us.
To worship God,
with all that we are!

One: In the name of Jesus Christ,
the Sovereign head of the church,
and by the authority of the polity
of The United Church of Canada,
I declare this Annual Congregational Meeting
open for celebration, prayer and new life!
All: Alleluia!

Opening Prayer:
All: In the year gone by,
in the year to come,
and right now,
you are with us, God!
Thank you!
For your leading and loving,
for your teaching and caring,
for your changing us all,
thank you!
In your love, you hold all Creation.
In your hope, you give new life.
In your peace, you begin again!
Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

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