Communion Liturgy

One: God is with you.
All: God is with you.
One: Lift up your hearts.
All: Lift up your hearts.
One: Give thanks to God!
All: Give thanks to God!

One: God, you dreamed a wonderful dream –
and into that dream you brought all things
that exist:
the rocks, the water, the air, the fire,
plants of all shapes and sizes,
animals that fly in the air,
or move on or under the ground,
or swish in the sea.
You looked at it all and said,
All: This is good!
One: It was good. It is good.
But, sometimes, people forgot that you created
all things in love.
Sometimes, even now, people forget that you
created all things in love.
Over and over, we did things that were unloving –
of ourselves, of our neighbours, and of You.
One: You sent wise-men and wise-women,
to try and help us to slow down and listen to You.
You sent Prophets and Judges,
Teachers and Preachers,
to try and call us back to Your Love.
Sometimes we listened.
Sometimes we ignored them.
Sometimes we pushed them away.
One: Sometimes we still do.
One: But, when the time was right,
you decided to send someone else
to your People. Jesus of Nazareth.
Born like us, growing up with us,
teaching and preaching and,
most of all,
loving us –
he tried to show us how to
live your Kingdom –
how to live your Love.
One: He laughed with those who laughed,
and cried with those who cried,
he invited everyone – everyone –
to eat together at your table of Love!
Today we pray for all who need your presence,
we pray for all who need your love,
we pray, asking you to help us
to be your hands in the world,
sharing your love everywhere.
We pray for…
(invite people to name those in need)
With all of the angels and saints,
with all of our grandmothers and grandfathers,
we celebrate Christ’s presence with all Creation:
All: (Marty Haugen.)
Holy, holy, holy are you,
God of power and might;
heaven and earth are filled with your glory,
Hosanna in the highest!
Blessed is the one who comes in your name.
Hosannah in the highest,
hosannah in the highest!

One: God of all,
we celebrate Jesus birth,
we remember his teaching,
we commemorate his death and resurrection,
and we wait, with hope,
for Christ’s coming again –
alive in our lives,
now and forevermore!
One: We ask that you might fill
this bread, this cup, and all people, everywhere,
with your Spirit.
As we eat and drink,
help us to remember the change Jesus’
brought to people’s lives…
and help us to remember the change
Christ brings each and every day.
May the bread we eat
and the juice we drink
help us to be one with all of Christ’s disciples,
help us to be one with all of Creation,
now and always.
One: On the night before Jesus was taken to his death,
he gathered with his friends and disciples.
He took a loaf of bread, gave thanks to you,
and then he broke it, saying, “This is my body,
given for you. Each time you eat this bread,
remember me.”
He took a cup of juice, again gave thanks,
and then gave it to his disciples, saying,
“This is my promise – my covenant for now
and forever – in my life-blood.
You are forgiven. All are forgiven!
Each time you drink like this,
remember me.”
All: So we eat.
So we drink.
So we remember.

One: Let us sing the prayer that Jesus gave to all of
his disciples:
Sung version of Jesus’ Prayer
One: Through Christ, with Christ and in Christ,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
all power and glory are yours,
now and forever, Holy God!
One: And the people said,
All: Amen.

Bread is broken, Wine is poured
Communion is shared.

Prayer After Communion:
All: Thank you, God,
for inviting us to your table.
Thank you, for sharing
Jesus – back then and right now.
As you strengthen our faith,
help us to be your love
in the world.

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