Matthew 5.38-48

Call to Gather
One: The world says:
All: “Love your neighbours,
and hate your enemies.”

One: But Jesus said –
All: that’s not good enough.
One: “Love your neighbours.
All: Love your enemies.
Pray for them.”

One: That’s what Jesus said.
All: Love my enemy?
One: Love your neighbour.
Love your enemy.
Pray for them.
All: What was Jesus
trying to teach us?

One: Perhaps, if we open our ears,
our hearts and our minds,
we’ll figure that out.
All: Then let us worship God!

Opening Prayer
All: God –
you are great,
you are wonderful,
you are more than we can begin
to imagine!
You loved creation into being.
You love us into wholeness.
But, we have a question for you.
Do you really think we can do it?
Do you really believe
that we can be more than we are?
Do you really believe
that humankind can be
what you want us to be?
Fill us with your love, we pray.
Pour down your wisdom, we ask.
Change us with your grace.
Because we know we can’t do it alone.

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