From a service that explored Scripture…

Call to Gather
One: (holding up the bible) What’s this?
Two: A Bible.
One: Ok. (pause) What’s a Bible?
Two: Well… it’s a…
One: Obviously, it’s a book. I get that part.
Two: Actually, it’s not really a book.
One: No?
Two: No. It’s a library of books.
One: A library?
Two: A library.
A library of stories told, and thoughts written.
A library of wondering about God,
and a library of trying to find answers.
A library, written by many people,
over 1500 years…
and one that has lasted another 2000.

One: Why is library here, on this table?
All: Because it’s important to us.
Because in it,
we see stories and dreams,
hopes and wonders,
the Spirit moving,
the Christ teaching,
and the Creator changing the world.

One: In this library.
All: In that Bible.
Two: When we share the stories,
when we listen and learn,
when we talk and love…

All: We worship God!

Prayer of Approach
All:In the words,
and in the spaces between them;
in the stories that are told,
and the stories we imagine,
speak to us, God!
For you are God,
the creator of all things.
The one who loves,
with an overwhelming love.
As the days get longer,
and the cross gets closer,
help us to read, remember and live
Your love.

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