From a service on Spiritual Friendship

Call to Gather:
One: Um, excuse me.
All: Yes?
One: Would it be all right if I – no, never mind.
All: Would it be all right…
One: If I talked with you
about something important to me?
All: Sure!
One: You’ll listen, right?
You won’t laugh at me?
You won’t think I’m silly,
or don’t know what I’m talking about?
All: We won’t think you’re silly.
We won’t laugh.
We’ll listen.
What’s it about?

One: (long pause)
It’s about… God.
All: God?
One: God.
I’ve got questions and doubts,
and hopes and fears.
I don’t know what it’s all about,
but I need someone
who’ll listen.
Will you?
All: In this community
we are friends in the Spirit.
In this community
we are people on The Way.
In this community
we search with one another.
In this community,
we listen, we love, we pray.

One: And, in all of these things…
All: we worship God.

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