Easter Sunday – John 20.1-18

Call to Gather:
One: Christ is risen!
All: Christ is risen, indeed!
One: Alleluia!
All: Alleluia, amen!
One: We come to hear the story of Christ,
risen from the dead.
All: We come to hear the story of our lives,
lives made new.

One: We come to remember who we are.
All: An Easter people!
One: We come to remember whose we are.
All: Disciples of the Christ.
One: In joy, in wonder, in love…
All: We worship God!

*Opening Prayer
All: What do we do with this story, God?
Do we say, “It’s unbelievable!”
and refuse to see the possibilities?
Do we say, “Maybe in Spirit, but the body?”
and close our minds to miracle?
Do we say, “The Bible says it,
gotta believe it!”
and shut our minds to the incredible?

You are greater than we can ask,
or imagine, loving God.

So we celebrate that,
no matter what we say,
you are with us.

In life. In death. In life beyond death.

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