Christian Family Sunday

Call to Gather:
One: Sisters and brothers,
parent and child…
All: all together in Christ’s love.
One: Challenged and challenging,
called to be whole…
All: all together in Christ’s love!
One: Whether curled up in tears of grief,
or dancing the street in overwhelming joy…
All: all together in Christ’s love!
One: As children of the household of God,
given life by the Spirit Divine,
as disciples of Jesus the Christ,
told to, “Pick up your life and walk!”
we come to worship!
All: All together in Christ’s love!

*Opening Prayer:
All: You touch our lives
in so may ways, God.
In the love others share with us,
in the love we offer,
your Love shines on.
When we feel less than we are,
when we’re lost,
when we’re sure we’re alone –
remind us that we’re wrong.
Remind us that you are the One
who gave us birth,
and the One who calls us to life!
In Christ’s name we ask it. Amen.

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