Advent Candle-lighting Hymn

Candle Lighting Hymn: “Advent Waiting”
(Tune: 668668D with refrain / OLWEN / “All Poor Ones and Humble” / Voices United 68)

In faith, come together,
in dry or wet weather,
this people of Christ-alive!
Awaiting his story,
of coming in glory,
his birthday will soon arrive!

This advent we give him
songs filled to the brim
with joy that we cannot describe.
We come to the stable,
we meet at his table,
and welcome him into our lives!

Christmas-time changes,
all life re-arranges,
our world gets turned inside-out!
God dreams into being –
our fears, they are fleeing –
Christ’s presence we will not doubt!

The Wise-Ones went searching,
on camels, were lurching,
to find the babe in their midst!
We, too are wandering,
on Christ’s life, we’re pondering,
believing that he does exist.

This Christmas we’re giving
all of our living –
our hopes and our dreams and our days.
In joy and thanksgiving – 
forgiven, forgiving –
our souls and our hearts set ablaze!

(As I post this I realize how corny it sounds. Ah, well – I guess I’m not a hymn-writer! *grin*)

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