Remembrance Day Sunday

What do we remember, today?
Decisions made to stand in the face of injustice,
lives lost because of that call.
Hopes and dreams that it might never happen again.

Why do we remember this time of pain and sorrow?
We remember so that we, too,
might challenge injustice –
in times of peaceful conversation,
and in times of painful conflict.

But where is God in all of this?
God is with “us”.
God is with “them”.
God is with the soldier and teh civilian.
God is with us all,
face covered in tears,
hoping that we will find Shalom.

What is this Shalom?
Peace with justice.
Peace with hope.
Peace that brings new life.
God’s peace.

Then let us remember…
wars past…
wars present…
and let us be in God’s Shalom.

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