Epiphany – 1 Corinthians 12

One: I wonder if I’m a hand?
Maybe a foot!
How about an aorta… or a neuron?
All: What are you talking about?
You’re a person!

One: But Paul said that each of us
is part of the body of Christ!
I’m trying to figure out what part I am.
OH NO! Maybe I’m the appendix!
All: Every part of the body is important
in its own way.
Every part of the body of Christ
is important, too!

One: Even the ear hair?
What about the ear hair?
All: Even the ear hair!
With different gifts and abilities,
with different ways of responding,
with different ways of doing
what needs to be done,
we live out the purpose
of being Christ’s body.

One: What’s that?
All: To live God’s love!
To share Christ’s hope!
To welcome all in the
community of the Spirit!

One: So, as part of the Body,
we come together –
All: To worship God! Alleluia!

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