For Luke 18:9-14

One: (said in extremely pious tones)
Oh, God! We are so glad that we are not like
those people. The ones out there.
We come to church.
We know what it is like to…
All: Wait a minute!
One: Pardon me?
All: Stop right there!
One: Excuse me?
All: We aren’t better than “those” people.
We aren’t better than anyone.

One: But –
All: No. We are “those” people.
We are women and men,
happy and sad,
lost and found,
loved and loving.
We are people trying to live our lives,
the best way we know how.

One: And in that living –
All: we talk with God
and walk with God.
We celebrate that we are not alone.
We celebrate that God is with us –
and that God is with everyone!

One: Alleluia!

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