A retelling of 1 Corinthians 13

If I speak in ways that grab your attention (or your desire), but don’t speak from my heart; then what I have to say is as senseless as the feedback coming from a cheap speaker. I could foretell the future or uncover the mysteries of the fabric of the universe – or have so much faith as to cause the impossible – but, not knowing love, truly know nothing. I could give away everything that I have, everything that I am – but, if I did it without love, it would be a grand, empty, gesture.

Love is… so much more than we can understand.
It’s patience beyond patience.
It’s kindness beyond kindness.

Love doesn’t desire what it shouldn’t.
It doesn’t boast.
It doesn’t stand in the face of others and shout, “Look at ME,”
or “My way or the highway!”

Love isn’t angry.
Love doesn’t keep score.

Love does not revel in brokenness – it rejoices in the healthy and whole.

Love always protects.
Love always pushes on.
Love always looks for the possibilities.

Love. Never. Ends.

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