Advent 1 – Year B

Title: As we wait, understand the gift… and rejoice!

Have you ever wondered about this whole “Advent” thing? You know – the season in the church’s life when we’re totally and completely out-of-step with the rest of the world.

Decorations started going up around town as soon as the Remembrance Day parade had passed.

Do you see any here?

Turn on the radio and you’ll hear “Jingle Bells”… even “Silent Night” or “Joy to the World”, but we won’t be singing Christmas carols until Christmas Eve – or pretty close to it.

Why do we have to be different?

Is it just so we can show the world that we’re concerned about all of the buying and selling that seems to have taken over… or is it something more?

Could it be that we are standing against a ‘commercialization of the sacred’?

Could it be that we believe that Christmas is really about God’s presence in the world, transforming it in impossible ways, through an unimaginable medium – a newborn child?

Could it be that we are taking the time to intentionally explore where our personal stories connect with the stories of God’s people throughout history – with Mary, with Joseph, with the shepherds and the Wise Ones… with all of our sisters and brothers who have gone on before?

Could it be… that we realize that this time… this Advent-time… is more about God’s action than our busy-ness?

Could it be… something… more?

The first Advent Candle is lit.

Sung response: “As Long As We Follow / Na nzel na lola” (Words and music: Joseph kabemba, Congo, (c) 2004 General Board of Global Ministries, GCGMusik, 475 Riverside Dr. New York, NY 10115.)

All: God of the heavens,
God of the earth,
God of every moment of our lives:
help us, we pray.
Help us to wait.
In our waiting, help us to see.
In our seeing, help us to hope.
In our hoping, help us to love.
In our loving, help us to act…
so that Christ’s Advent in our lives,
might be a time of transformation
for all.
Alleluia, amen!

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