Proper 28 – Year A (Matthew 25.14-30)

For our playful times and our serious ones –
thank you, God!
For our moments of laughter
and our moments of tears –
thank you, God!
For hopes fulfilled and ones to come,
for pasts unfinished and dreams not yet filled –
thank you, God!
For the time you give us,
and the talents you challenge us to risk –
thank you, God!
For holding what we give you,
and keeping it safe.
For loving us, even when we do not love you…
thank you, God.
Because we don’t always live out our love.
Because we don’t always live out your call.
Because we don’t always use
what you’ve given us, to the best of our ability –
forgive us, God.
Because we are sometimes paralyzed:
by fear, by longing, by anger, by greed,
by ourselves and by others.
Because we are sometimes paralyzing,
those who need to be set free…
forgive us, God.
Forgive us, God.
Show us your wisdom, we pray.
So that, next time, we might live into You.
Hear the prayers of our hearts, beloved God.
(silent prayer)

For all those in need,
we ask your blessing.
For all those in fear,
we ask your blessing.
For all those who have nowhere to turn,
we ask your blessing.
And, more than that,
we ask that we might be your blessing
to them,
using the gifts you have freely given,
to share your Love with all.

Thank you, Loving God.
Thank you, Loving God.

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