Palm Sunday Communion Liturgy

God is with you.
And also with you.
Lift up your hearts.
We lift our hearts to God.
Let us give thanks to God, our God!
We give God our thanks and our praise!
On this day of celebration –
on this day of renewing our faith –
on this day of walking with the Christ,
to Jerusalem… to Golgotha… and beyond –
we give you thanks, great and loving God.
Thank you, loving God!
From the very beginning, you have loved us.
You created all that is, calling it into being.
With the ruach – the Spirit – with the Wind and the Word,
you saw what you had created,
and called it, “Good!”
Thank you, loving God!
Time and time again,
in history and in our story,
we have turned away from your love.
We have turned away from your hope.
We have turned away from you.
We have wandered away, thinking we knew best.
But you never left us
to walk by ourselves, loving God.
Even when we turned away.
Even when we turn away.
You walk the road with us.

Through prophets, priests and storytellers,
through mothers and grandmothers,
through fathers and grandfathers,
through teens and children and infants,
you called us back to your love.
Thank you, loving God!
There came a time when you sent Jesus to speak to the world.
To speak to us.
To teach us your love.
To give abundant life.
To make us new.
Thank you, loving God!
He lived a life as one of us – a child, a youth, an adult.
He laughed with those who laughed,
he cried with those who cried.
In all of this, he walked the hard road –
the way of the Cross
and the way of the Resurrection.

On the night before he was put to death,
he gathered for a meal of celebration with his friends.
There he recommitted himself to your love,
and to his people.
He took bread, thanked You, and broke the bread,
giving it to his friends, saying,
“Take this and eat it. This is my body, given for you.
Each time you do this, remember me.”
We remember him.
After the meal was over, he took the cup of blessing,
thanked You, and poured the wine,
giving it to his friends, saying,
“Take this and drink it. This is my blood, given for you.
Each time you drink this, remember me.”
We remember him.
And so we do as he asked us, loving God.
We pray that your Spirit might fill these gifts,
and fill us – that all might be vessels of your love,
your hope and your life in the world.
Come, Holy Spirit, come!

Jesus’ Prayer

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  1. is it ok to use this for our Palm Sunday service this year on March 20, 2016? I will of course, give credit to you in the bulletin. Susan (Moreland) McAllister, Princess St UC Kingston ON

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