Lent 3 (Discipleship ‘I’) – Year A

(During Lent this year, we were exploring the six marks of discipleship: Uplifted through daily prayer. Nourished in weekly worship. Informed through daily conversation with scriptureTransformed through service to others. Engaged in Spiritual Friendships. Devoting our resources to God’s mission.)

Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus,
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John,
books before and in-between –
story and song and history and myth!
How are we to make sense of it, God?
How are we to understand
with our hearts and with our minds
who you are calling us to be?
We ask that you would
open us to your Presence.
Open us to your Word.
Open us to your Love.
So that we might be filled
with the water of life!

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