Another Communion Liturgy

God be with you.
And also with you.
Lift up your hearts.
We lift them up to God.
Let us give thanks to God!
It is right to give God thanks and praise.

We give you thanks, O God, that you have created all things,
and invited all things into relationship with each other.
You have placed us into the world, and called us into relationship with it.
From the earliest days, we have been in the world, in communities –
at times, we have turned away from each other,
we have turned away from the earth.
At time, we have sought dominion over each other,
we have sought dominion over the earth.
You have sent prophets and teachers to call us back to right relationship –
with you, with each other, with all of creation.
Even when we turn away again… and again…
and again, your love calls us back to new life.
Thank you, God!
Thank you, God!

When the time was right, Jesus was born.
He lived his life, as a human being – one of us!
He laughed. He cried. He loved.
Jesus told stories to help us learn.
He told the story of the Good Samaritan,
to teach us about being in right relationship with our neighbours.
He told the story of the Good Samaritan,
to teach us about who our neighbours are…
people of every land and race,
people of every belief and face.
Neighbours – in all the times and all the seasons of our lives.
Thank you, God!
Thank you, God!

On the night before fear and anger, power and indifference
put him to his death, he sat for a meal with his neighbours –
people he loved with all of his heart, mind and soul.
He took some bread, blessed and broke it, saying:
“Take this and eat it. Whenever you do, remember me.”
Later, he took a cup of wine and blessed it, saying:
“Take this and drink it. This is the our covenant. Remember me.”
Thank you, God.
Thank you, God.

So, as his friends and neighbours,
as his disciples, we remember.
We remember his teachings.
We remember his death.
We celebrate his resurrection,
and wait, with hope, for his coming again.

Fill us with your Spirit, one in Christ
and one in love for you and for all people—
as in word and deed,
we seek your reign of peace and justice on earth.
Glory be to you, eternal God, through Jesus the Christ,
in the power of the Holy Spirit.
Thank you, God!
Thank you, God.

Sharing in the elements
Bread for the journey.
Drink for The Way.

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