Litany for Nostalgia

Do we grieve that we are no longer infants?
No longer children?
Do we grieve that yesterday is gone,
and we can no longer be what we were?
Do we look back,
remembering only the good times –
like the People in the desert,
calling for a return to the fleshpots of the Past,
forgetting the bite of the lash?
Nostalgia is like that.
We make the good better than it was,
hiding the difficult
in the gentle wash of memory.

Is this “remembering” just?
Is it fair to the work of our grandmothers and grandfathers?
Could we not celebrate in who they really were…
who we really were –
Celebrate and learn.
Learn and grow.
Grow and change.
Change and be.

Be who God is calling us to be.
Be not afraid!
Be Christ’s people for this time,
for this place.
Be not afraid!
God is with us – with all!
Christ is with us in the world!
The Spirit is moving… and so are we!
Be not afraid! Alleluia!

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