A Paraphrase of Jesus’ Prayer

Source of all life,
Divine Mother and Father of us all,
may your Name be held sacred by all creation.
May your kingdom and your will be lived here,
(as it is lived by that great communion of saints who have entered your Household!)
I ask that what we need – what we¬†really need –
would be provided.
I ask that you would forgive me my sins – and –
(God!) help me to forgive the people who have sinned against me.
Keep me from that which would break me completely.
Help me to recognize – and stand in the face of – evil…
knowing that you hold me safe.

Yours is the kingdom.
Yours is the power.
Yours is the glory.

Not mine. Yours.

Yesterday. Today. Forever.

Please… let it be so.


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For the Season of Creation

In the beginning,
before there was anything –
before there was beginning, itself –
God said –
“Let there be…”
And there was!
Light. Matter. Life.
Life of all kinds.
Plant life. Animal life.
Life in ways that we can’t even imagine.

And God said, “This is great!”
It was great.
It is great!

In the beauty of the earth, the fire,
the water, the air;
with the music of the spheres filling our hearts;
with all creation living its joy!
We worship the One who said, “Let there be…”

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Proper 25 – Year A

What is the greatest commandment?
To love God with all of our heart.
To love God with all of our soul.
To love God with all of our mind.

What is the greatest commandment?
To love our neighbour as we love our self.
So, we gather here today…
to remind ourselves of God’s commandments,
and to begin to live them,
with all of our sisters and brothers –
those here –
those there.

In living them out, then…
we worship God!

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Proper 24 – Year B

Peace be with you.
And also with you.
In a world of war…
we search for peace.
In a world of confusion…
we search for calm.
In a world of pain..
we search for healing.
In a world of isolation…
we search for communion.
Communion with each other…
and Communion with God.
Let us search together….
and, in our searching, let us worship God.

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Proper 24 – Year A

Are we ready to give?
To give?
To give to God our voices, our thoughts, our love.
We are ready to share with God,
in this time and place,
in all times and places.

Then come.
With all the creatures of earth and sea and sky,
let us praise God.
Let us praise God.

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Proper 23 – Year C

I’m hurting.
So are we.
I’m afraid.
Like many in the world.
I don’t know what to do.
A great number are lost and searching.
Where can we go for help?
Where can we go for guidance?
Where can we go to know
that we are loving and lovable?
Where can we go?
We can go into God’s love.
Hurting or whole, we are immersed in God’s presence.

Hurting or whole?
Hurting or whole,
we are invited into God’s healing love.

Thanks be to God.
Thanks be to God!

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Proper 20 – Year A

For the bountiful earth,
for the beautiful sky!
Give thanks and call on God’s name.
For times of turmoil,
for times of calm.
Give thanks and call on God’s name.
For friend, for stranger,
for parent and for child!
Give thanks and call on god’s Name.
For time alone,
for time together –
give thanks and call on God’s name!

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Proper 19 – Year C

Sisters, brothers, we gather here!
To celebrate God’s Presence.
We come from far, we come from near.
To celebrate God’s Presence.
With songs of joy, with shouts of praise.
To celebrate God’s Presence.
Part of God’s family, all of our days.
To celebrate God’s Presence!
On this day of new life,
let us lift our voices,
let us listen for God’s call,
let us live our lives in love…
and let us celebrate God’s presence!

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