All Saints – Revelation 7:1-8

Holy One, Holy Three,
Blessed and blessing Trinity –
you move in creation like a great wind,
like a burning flame,
like a still, small voice –
and we are blown and alight and listening!
Help us to open our hearts
to the wisdom of our grandmothers & grandfathers,
those living and those who have died.
Help us to open our hearts
to the wisdom of our children & grandchildren,
those living and those yet to be born.
Help us to open our hearts
to you.
In this place and space.
As we share life in the world.
In Christ’s name, in the Spirit’s power,
through the Creator’s love,
may it be so.

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Proper 25 – Matthew 22:34-40

It’s not always easy to love,
is it, God?
It’s not always easy
to know how to love,
especially someone
we don’t know
or don’t understand.
But you know all about that,
don’t you, God?
Could you help us?
To listen.
To learn.
To love.
To be Christ’s people,
now – and always.
In his name we ask it.
May it be so.

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Proper 24 – Matthew 22.15-22

This is the time.
This is the place.
For us to remember
that we meet you in all times
and all places,
God of all creation.
In the faces around us,
help us to see your face.
In the hands that hold ours,
help us to feel your hands.
In what we have and who we are,
help us to know your love.
In the name of our Teacher,
by the power of the Spirit,
held close by the Creator,
we ask it. Amen.

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Deuteronomy 8:7-17 – Thanksgiving

we have set aside this day of thanks-giving,
because we sometimes have difficulty remembering
to live our thanks-giving.
We sometimes have difficulty remembering
to be thanks-giving.
So – thank you.
For – everything!
Open our hearts to realize
where thanks need to be given.
Open our mouths to share the words.
Open our hearts to be your love.
As disciples of Jesus, we ask it.
May it be so.

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Matthew 15.21-28

All: You are great, God of all creation!
Even when we miss the point,
even when we lose our way,
your love calls us back,
again and again!
We open our lives –
our minds, our hearts and our souls –
to You.
In this time of prayer and song,
bless us, we pray!
Help us to know your love.
Help us to live your love.
Help us to be your love.
In Christ’s name, we ask it.

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Mark 7.24-30

One: Who did Jesus come to teach?
All: Ev-‘ry-one!
One: Who did Jesus come to reach?
All: Ev-‘ry-one!
One: Girls and women, men and boys?
Saddened ones and full of joys?
Who did Jesus come to love?
All: Ev-‘ry-one!
One: With your spirit, Christ –
All: fill us.
One: With your wisdom, Christ –
All: teach us.
One: With your love, Christ –
All: send us.
So we can worship God,
with every moment of our lives.
Alleluia! Amen!

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Ninth Sunday of Pentecost – Ephesians 4.1-16

Call to Gather:
One: Mom! He took my toy!
All: Listen – it’s time to grow up.
One: Dad! She’s sitting on my side of the car!
All: Listen! It’s time to grow up!
One: God… they won’t believe what I believe.
What they’re saying is not what I was taught
in Sunday School.
They are wrong, and I am right.
All: Grow up!
One: I don’t understand!
All: When you were very young,
you were sure that the world revolved
around you.

One: But now?
All: Now, you need to see
that you are part of God’s creation –
not the centre of it!
you really need to list
to what God is saying now.
Worship God with us,
rather than against us!

One: It’s time to grow up?
All: It’s time to grow up.

Opening Prayer:
All: Open our hearts, God.
Open our ears and our minds and our lives.
Open our ideas and our beliefs.
Open our hopes and our fears.
Open us to your Presence.
Open us to your Love.
Open us to your Christ.
So that we might be changed.
So that your creation might be changed.
Now, and in the days to come.
In Jesus’ name, we ask these things.

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Matthew 3.13-17

All: God?
Would you remind us, again,
of the promise
you have made with us,
and of the promise,
we have made with you?
Will you wash us, again,
with your love?
So that we would be filled.
So that we would be Christ’s body.
So that we would
live the Spirit’s love,
in a world that is broken.
Please. Let it be so.

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John 1.9-24

Call to Gather:
One: What are you looking for?
All: A place to stop and be.
A place to be with others.
A place to be with God.

One: Why do you search for this place?
All: Because the world is always changing.
Because often, we’re alone.
Because sometimes,
it’s hard to remember.

One: Remember what?
All: That God is with us.
That the Christ walks beside us.
That the Spirit lives inside us.

One: Well, come to this place.
Come and be.
Come and be with others.
Come and be with God.
All: Alleluia!

Opening Prayer:
All: Holy God,
could you help us?
Could you help us,
to know, deep inside,
that we are loved?
Could you help us
to love one another,
our family, our friends,
the people we will never know,
and the ones we can’t stand?
Could you help us
to be all that you desire us to be?
Because we could really use the help.

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For worship that includes the Annual Congregational Meeting

Call to Gather
One: We come together –
All: in Jesus name.
One: We come together –
All: in the love of God.
One: We come together –
All: alive in the Spirit.
One: We come together –
All: To remember.
To celebrate.
To live into God’s vision
for us.
To worship God,
with all that we are!

One: In the name of Jesus Christ,
the Sovereign head of the church,
and by the authority of the polity
of The United Church of Canada,
I declare this Annual Congregational Meeting
open for celebration, prayer and new life!
All: Alleluia!

Opening Prayer:
All: In the year gone by,
in the year to come,
and right now,
you are with us, God!
Thank you!
For your leading and loving,
for your teaching and caring,
for your changing us all,
thank you!
In your love, you hold all Creation.
In your hope, you give new life.
In your peace, you begin again!
Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

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